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Industry leading, highly resilient network and servers!

With the latest technology ensuring the performance you demand.

Located in our Manchester data centre, Farbyte's infrastructure is second to none when it comes to speed, reliability and security.

We utilise the latest technologies in networking, security, cooling, power and fire detection / suppression to ensure the highest level of service for our clients.


Farbyte fibre network Farbyte customers benefit from our lightning fast, highly available network infrastructure boasting multiple, diversely routed 10Gbs fibre connections to the internet and gigabit LAN throughout.

Physical Security

Farbyte physical security Security staff are on site 24/7/365, with swipe card operated door entry systems supported by CCTV monitoring throughout the facility and high grade, Palisade steel security fencing around the perimeter.

Fire Detection and Suppression

Fire detection and suppression Protected by the most advanced, non-water based fire detection and suppression systems currently available on the market. FM200 and VESDA systems are located above and below the raised floor.


Farbyte cooling A redundant N+1 Airdale HVAC system maintains a constant cool 22C, ensuring maximum operating efficiency at all times with hot and cool aisles ensuring optimum cooling efficiency and energy conservation.


Farbyte power generator Mains service power is backed up by redundant N+1 Scania Generator equipment to take the full load of the datacenter with additional N+1 UPS battery array providing protection from spikes and mains failure.