Starter Hosting

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Starter Hosting

Just getting your feet wet with all this online webmaster stuff?

Our Starter hosting package is for you!

Our entry hosting package offers more than enough facilities for budding webmasters to deliver engaging and dynamic content to their website visitors. We even provide a MySQL database, which other hosting companies rarely do.

With 1 GB of disk space, this package provides plenty of head room for you to grow your website or websites in to.

Please remember, at Farbyte, we provide 'true storage'. There are no sneaky hidden limits like many other UK hosting companies impose, such as limits on email and database storage.


A generous allocation of bandwidth and disk storage is provided with all of our hosting packages.

For example, if your average file, web page and email size is 100 kilobytes, this hosting package will allow:

  • 157,286 page views or emails per month.
  • 52,429 site visitors per month (ave. of 3 page views per visit).
  • 10,486 files stored on disk.

As you can see from the above statistics, our Starter hosting package provides more than ample bandwidth and storage for the vast majority of websites.

However, if you find you are coming near to the limits of this package, you can easily upgrade to any of our other packages with a few clicks of the mouse, via our Billing & Support system.

Requirements & Other Info

In order to sign up with us for this type of web hosting account you must either currently own a domain name, or purchase one. A new domain can be purchased during checkout.

In addition, if you already own a domain name and would like to transfer the registration over to us, this can also be performed during the checkout process.

For further details, please visit our UK web hosting page.

From / month £1.62
Bandwidth 15 GB
Diskspace 1 GB
Domains Unlimited
MySQL Databases 1
Setup Free
Email 10
FTP 10
Free Domain
Instant Setup
Antivirus Protection
Apache 2
SSL Available
Web Statistics